Feeding your applications with data, making them LIVE

XDI - Cross-Data Integration - transforms business applications that need manual data entry into information portals that update automatically in real time



Improved Automation

Reduced Manual Data Entry

Improved Operational Oversight

Faster And Better Decision Making

Increased Data Accuracy


Delivering live decision support capability

In most businesses, the apps used to control operations operate on a significant time lag. Sometimes, reporting cycles are as much as a month. SkyNet XDI can change all that. Implement it and your existing set of applications can be transformed into live monitoring tools that show what your business is doing right now.

The result? Through sharing live data to all your critical applications, you improve responsiveness, efficiency and cost savings.

SkyNet’s data warehousing expertise means our XDI solution meshes with the backend of the applications that already power your operations.

XDI replaces the time lag and errors of paper-based and/or manual data entry routines with constant live data feeds direct from the source. We already have XDI plug-and-play integrations with world-leading suppliers for:

  • Weather
  • Dispatch
  • EFB
  • Crewing
  • Rostering
  • Reservations
  • MRO

XDI can even encompass data from external parties in your operational chain, such as air traffic control, freight transporters and regulatory bodies.


New technologies. New efficiencies. New business analytics.
Tried, tested, trusted and already in service.


Understanding what XDI offers

XDI is short for “cross data integration”. In effect, this broad term covers two aspects:

  1. Automating business applications that currently need manual updates through feeding them live data from the field.
  2. Compiling and collating all the data feeds generated by those business applications into a “single record of truth” that’s live and extends across your entire operation.

This capability transforms operational efficiency, effectiveness, compliance and safety. At present, most business apps and tools only track the state of operations on a considerable lag.

Even short reporting intervals of 48 hours, for example, still represent two whole days without an overview of what’s happening in the field.

Two whole days in which your key financial, operational and management decision-makers must use educated strategic guesses based on experience and what little live intel filters through.

XDI upends that paradigm.

XDI brings everything up to the minute and keeps it there. Essentially, you can observe the dynamics of your operations as they play out. You’ll improve responsiveness, efficiency and cost-saving.

SkyNet Aviation Ecosystem - seamless data gathering and connection across your entire operation

XDI is the crucial central staging point for all the specialist data solutions SkyNet Aviation can deliver to revolutionise your operations and empower your management teams to make the right choices. All to guarantee your backend is no longer a barrier to maximal fleet utilisation and aircraft uptime.

Under XDI, all of your aircraft tracking, live avionics, staff comms, reporting and performance metrics are forged into one live resource that powers specialist bespoke and partner applications to deliver unprecedented capability and responsiveness. And this boundary-pushing innovation is available, right now, for your mid-size fleet.

REACH Ecosystem Day Of Operations Infographic


Existing API integrations with leading platforms

API development capability to integrate any system or business process

XDI feeds can be securely shared to third-party systems

Able to power applications on any device or operating system

Scalable, secure and reliable hosting via Amazon Web Services

Customisable user access levels: admin, client, viewer, public display and more

Full training - in-person or remote - plus ongoing support and documentation

Fully IATA AIDX compliant