Operations Control Centre (OCC)

Specialised OCC Services

SkyNet Aviation, we are experts in technologies and philosophies that drive a high-performing OCC.

We provide bespoke services custom tailored to your operational challenges.  We will design a solution that fits your needs and your budget, across all fleet sizes and types including any combination of fixed wing, rotary wing, and eVTOL.

We offer Four Tier Levels to fit your needs:


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Operations Manuals (OMs)


OCC Design & Technology


Audit Preparation & Support


Custom Project Requirements


SkyNet Aviation will provide specialised assistance with a specific work package or project.

Fixed fee for service at our daily/hourly rate.


System Configuration






End-User Support


Cutover Support


Post-Implementation Review


SkyNet Aviation will provide full
OCC implementation support for a new REACH Aero client.


Flight Level

In addition to the services provided in our ALTITUDE + tier, SkyNet Aviation will help you undertake a comprehensive overhaul of your OCC to take your operation to the next level.


Business Requirements


OCC Manuals & SOPs


Full Train-the-Trainer Accreditation


Project Governance


Support for Additional Interface Integration

Flight Level Platinum

Our most comprehensive service tier.

Contract SkyNet Aviation to be your full-service, third-party OCC provider.


24 / 7 / 365
















The Nerve Centre Of Your Organisation

Empowered by the SkyNet Day of Operations ecosystem, your OCC can receive, refine and collate live data feeds from across your organisation.

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Are Your Operations Across It All?

As the nexus of all crucial operational data, the Operations Control Centre (OCC) is the “nerve centre” for everything that goes into:

  1. Getting your aircraft into the air
  2. What happens while they’re up there
  3. Getting them safely back on the ground
  4. Turning them around to take-off again


Simply, the OCC is the dedicated facility within your company wherein all tactical operational decisions are made, establishing a maximum focus on safety, customer care and efficiency.

While it might seem like the OCC is simply a room of impressive and expensive hardware, the truth is that each piece must earn its place as being utterly mission-critical.

The Four Major Factors in OCC Design:

  1. Do You Have Accurate Modelling of Your Current and Ideal Practices?
  2. Do You Have the Technology Solutions to Achieve and Maintain the Ideal Practices?
  3. Are Operations Staff Trained for Both Nominal Conditions and Emergency Scenarios?
  4. Do You Know the Current and Future Operational Bottlenecks?

Across Everything in One Place

The right OCC can keep your fleet running smoothly in the good times and give it massively enhanced capabilities to regain control in the tough times.

It’s the nerve centre where live data and decision making are brought together for maximal moment-to-moment effectiveness.

And because the OCC harnesses the right data for optimal decision support, your Chief Operating Officer and departmental managers will be able to use its capacities to improve their own insights – both upstream and downstream.

Because every fleet operates differently, every OCC must integrate a unique set of data and technologies. These may include:

  • Weather and airspace monitoring
  • Safety procedures
  • Accounting and cost controls
  • Aircraft tracking and schedules
  • Maintenance intervals and monitoring
  • Ground and air crew rostering
  • Passenger and cargo tracking
  • Catering and resupply
  • Weight and balance
  • Security and NOTAMs
  • Air traffic control

When your OCC is commissioned and staffed by a fully trained team, it becomes a dedicated space where the people with their fingers on the pulse can concentrate on the task at hand and coordinate their actions in real time. The downstream effects for your entire organisation are:

  • Save money
  • Reduce waste
  • Increased safely
  • Operational resilience
  • Stronger compliance
  • Transparency for management

"The OCC integrates every aspect of your current operation. Ideally, it gives you a tactical view of how you can best manage your fleet to ensure you continually enhance customer care and produce a great return on investment."

- Mike Arbuckle, CEO of OCC Tech Design

OCC Key Features

Design and Build Your OCC with SkyNet

OCCs must be approached as a capital investment for your organisation. While many operations regimes’ are the result of ad hoc additions and workarounds that have come together reactively over years, implementing an OCC should start with a clean slate. A revolution in operational capability awaits.

As well as offering the comprehensive Day Of Operations software ecosystem that can underpin your OCC, SkyNet Aviation also offers you direct access to strong alliances with world-leading OCC design consultants in the US, Europe and Australia.

Once designed and built, your staff must be trained on the capabilities of the new facility. Once again, SkyNet is with you, offering ongoing one-to-one and one-to-few training and support either onsite or remotely.

Further, SkyNet Aviation’s own OCC (located at our Brisbane headquarters) is available as a training facility where you can send your team to become familiar with everything an OCC can do while your own facility is being built.

Signal Connectivity

OCCs require dedicated, secure and fast broadband plus access to all aircraft comms channels, with redundancy for each

Controlled Access

Only mission-critical staff should have general OCC access, everyone else should be access-limited - including most management personnel

Hardware and Fitout

Realistic planning for the connections, cables, power supply, routers, servers, screens and seating needed


Guarantee the comfort of high-performing staff and ensure high-tech equipment doesn’t overheat

Generator Backup

If mains power fails - such as during extreme weather - your OCC must stay online

Offices and Meeting Rooms

Dedicated rooms adjacent where discussions can take place without disturbing OCC activities


Your OCC Awaits

SkyNet offers you a truly complete OCC solution. One that integrates our leading Day Of Operations solution into the ideal physical space for your organisation’s unique needs. Find out more from a SkyNet Aviation expert today.