SkyNet Aviation
SkyNet Aviation
Why Fusion Tracking Technology should be Highly Regarded

No longer are operators stuck with just one source of data! Using a wide array of available technologies provides enormous benefits, reliability, and lower costs.

SkyNet REACH offers clients choices across Satellite, Cellular, ADS-B, ADS-C and Mode-S, and more as a Fusion data stream. Fewer dropouts and significantly more position updates with such a comprehensive array of available reporting capabilities.

Working side by side, fine-tuning your costs to only use the fastest and lowest cost technology is intuitive. It also offers exceptional benefits such as second by second Performance Analytics, like having your own Quick Access Recorder (QAR) on-demand in real-time!
SkyNet Aviation
SkyNet Aviation
Drilling deep into data with Fusion XDI

SkyNet’s Cross-Data integration (XDI) can fuse many different types of data into a coherent display. An example of a Fusion Data stream where helicopters flying to drilling ships offshore can usually never be sure of the ship’s precise location. Equally, Operations Control Centers (OCC) do not usually have a complete picture of Aviation and Maritime assets in a single harmonious view.

SkyNet delivers a solution of combining Ship AIS reporting either satellite of VHF with the aircraft locations using Satellite, ADS-B, C, or other tracking sources. The solution offers a new oversite to ensuring the helicopters are now up to the minute for a drillship’s location.
SkyNet Aviation
SkyNet Aviation
SkyNet’s ADS-B Network expansion for Papua New Guinea

SkyNet has delivered our Commercial ADS-B network service to PNG over the past several years, supporting air operations, energy companies, and exploration transportation needs by air. Given the extreme conditions, rugged jungle terrain, PNG is a challenging test for new Technology.

Recently we extended our network to include 15 new ADS-B sites in some of the highest and remote locations. With altitudes of the receivers operating up to 7,500 feet above sea level. We gain exceptional long-range from this altitude.

The receivers are strategically positioned to aid our client’s flight path monitoring, so little to no routes have coverage gaps, allowing for second by second flight following in some of the wildest terrains on earth, rising to over 14,000 feet.

SkyNet clients work with us to carefully design and support the coverage required to build up the coverage they need to support their Energy customers looking for maximum safety. SkyNet offers Fusion Data services across Commercial ADS-B, C, Mode-S, Satellite, and Cellular. The data is 24/7 monitored, including detailed quality of service (QoS) monitoring on every site to ensure the most reliable service.

Operating in PNG, we have you covered!
SkyNet Aviation
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