Landing Approach Surveillance And Warning.


Safety Technology for Helipad and Airport Operators

Aviation companies rely on SkyNet because we support Regular Public Transport (RPT), Charter or Private Operations with either Fixed or Rotary Wing aircraft.


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LASAW for Rotary-Wing & Helipads

LASAW for Fixed-Wing & Aerodromes

SkyNet REACH® LASAW Includes:

Landing Warnings

SkyNet REACH® LASAW offers the highest level of early warning when planes or helicopters make unexpected approaches to aerodromes and helipads. LASAW is always watching to protect against potential incidents when an aircraft is preparing to land on a runway or helipad that is not clear.

Automatic at every step, LASAW:

  1. Detects aircraft in a landing configuration
  2. Tracks the aircraft making an approach
  3. Alerts your people on the ground to clear the way.

  • 15 Minutes Out

    Identify all airspace users within range of your aerodrome

  • 5 Nautical Miles Out

    Warning that an aircraft is making an unexpected approach

  • 2.5 Minutes Out

    Automatically triggered ground alerts to clear people, assets and wildlife out of the way


Landing Logs and Reporting

As a fully networked system, SkyNet REACH LASAW also provides landing data logging - extremely useful for billing, contract management and operations monitoring, especially at unmanned locations.

LASAW can also be networked for multiple locations, either close-by or on the other side of the globe. This allows central management of all your locations by a single operations department.

  • Records landing event and time

  • Records time on ground

  • Records aircraft registration, operator name, type, make and model


Long-Range Monitoring and Warning

SkyNet REACH LASAW is the only long-range monitoring application able to track up to 500 aircraft simultaneously in airspace out to maximum 260nm from the helipad or airport.

Using hardware at the helipad site or airport, the LASAW system monitors the sky continuously 24/7. Fully independent of other systems, it is always ready to deliver alerts.

Electronic outputs from the LASAW hardware can be connected to a range of warning systems, including (but not limited to): strobe lights, sirens and buzzers, bird scarers, automated two-way radio announcements, approach/runway lighting. 

Using sophisticated technology, it detects the position of all air traffic in real-time and calculates a vector to project a forward position of every tail. When one enters a landing configuration, the system’s algorithm initiates a response policy based on:

  • Alignment with an approach to the helipad/runway

  • Appropriate rate of descent

  • Reduction of airspeed


Sophisticated Landing Surveillance Technology

Monitoring up to 500 aircraft

Detection range up to 260 nautical miles (480km)

AI-enabled hardware-software solution

Response: Automated triggering of sirens, strobe lights and more

Automatic landing logs, including aircraft details

LASAW Hardware

LASAW is both a hardware and a managed service.

LASAW hardware comes in two options; either a Mobile Application device (great for demos or temporary locations) or an Enterprise High availability service via a Dell PowerEdge 1RU Rack Server.

SkyNet LASAW Mobile


SkyNet LASAW Mobile Sealed unit for use where a dedicated Communications rack is not available, un-manned or remote sites, or solar power environments that can still have a reliable LASAW service.

Offering 3x dedicated signal output relays, fully autonomous operation, low power consumption and simple installation and maintenance. Output relays capable of 250 VDC and 7.5Amps switching.

Optional: Ethernet, 4G and WiFi communications conduits to enable full consul services to Operations personnel or Autonomous alert output operation if unavailable.

SkyNet LASAW Enterprise


SkyNet LASAW Enterprise leverages Dell PowerEdge technology in a 1RU rack-mountable server for high availability and dependable service, with built-in redundancy of multiple power supply, HDD and communications services is the most robust uptime for critical safety service.

The LASAW Enterprise server includes up to 8x Digital Output Relays up to 250 VDC and 10Amp switching giving you a large number of options for alerting different devices. Resilience for site independence even when communications with the Server are unavailable, all outputs will continue to provide warning services.

LASAW Enterprise offers global access to all client locations in real-time.


Warning Automation you Can Trust

Keeping your equipment, people and landing zones safe

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