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Breathtaking new aviation systems technology delivering hyper-efficiency and decision support for operations managers, CEOs and CFOs.

Find out how real-time data coherence across every aircraft, all locations and any system can save money, remove the limits to growth and uplift your whole organisation. 

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For Fixed-Wing Operators

Built with RPT & Charter Airline Operators in Mind

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For Rotary Wing Operators

Built For Mission Critical Operations

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SkyNet Aviation has more than 20 years of experience in pioneering and implementing innovative technology solutions for the global aviation industry.
Our unique systems support hundreds of aircraft in passenger, oil/gas, rescue and cargo fleets from Scandinavia to Australia.

Ecosystem Partners

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ForeFlight’s dispatch platform provides powerful web and mobile capabilities that deliver next-generation, multi-user flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, flight logging, synthetic vision and more. The result is greater efficiency and productivity for your flight department.

Uplift is a developer of world-leading flight reservation solutions specifically for the FIFO, corporate/remote workforce travel and charter sectors. Through simplifying, integrating and automating reservations processes in line with operational requirements, it offers consolidated systems that provide complete control, security and visibility.

Developed by Avinet, Air Maestro is a cloud-based software solution that enables administration, flight and technical staff to take charge of their responsibilities and achieve compliance through the management of fatigue, timesheets, rostering, training, operations and safety.

DTN’s specialist aviation weather tracking, monitoring and forecasting is trusted by leading aviation companies to keep their operations on track. Ranked as the “world’s most accurate weather provider” for the past 10 years, DTN’s expertise is integrated directly within SkyNet’s Day of Operations platform.

SkyNet Aviation Solutions

Our aviation solutions unify the data feeds and reporting loops of all the silos and specialist departments needed to keep an air fleet operating safely, cost-effectively and smoothly. The result is a holistic, coherent and interlinked real-time sit-rep of every little thing going on in every aircraft, cockpit, hangar, back-office and airspace sector that your operations touch. This data is then filtered and processed, turning the mass of information into clear and actionable insights.

These are the solutions operations managers have been hoping for ... and the solutions that CEOs and CFOs have been waiting for.

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Day of Operations

Revolutionising live decision-support capability across your entire operation.


Landing Approach Surveillance And Warning (LASAW)

The only technology to minimise risk from unexpected landings at helipads and airports.

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REACH Analytics

REACH Analytics takes your data from reactive to proactive.

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World’s first provider of tri-hybrid commercial flight-tracking data.

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Turns business applications that otherwise require manual updates into real-time information portals.

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Your OCC can receive, refine and collate live data feeds from across your organisation using SkyNet REACH Aero.

REACH Across Your Entire Aviation Operation with SkyNet

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State of THE art

A ground-breaking new concept that integrates an air fleet's entire data, tracking and business intelligence posture onto a single “pane of glass” display. Developed by the world's only specialist in holistically integrated technology solutions for mid-sized aircraft fleets, SkyNet Aviation.

Meet the new backbone of operations management..

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