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Business analytics for aviation. Real-time, real-world. For management, strategy and cost controls.

reach analytics

Add powerful data insights to your REACH Day Of Operations implementation

For your air fleet, can you access and analyse the crucial data feeds in a straightforward, powerful and reliable way? Sadly, for almost all aviation operators, the answer has been no. The good news: with SkyNet Aviation, the answer can be yes!

With REACH Analytics – a standalone module for our world-leading REACH Day Of Operations platform – SkyNet Aviation can enable a truly holistic data environment for your operations.

Our dedicated inhouse team of software and data engineers is here to help you unlock the power of your data. Every modern mid-tier aviation operator is already generating masses of data. Within those thousands of megabytes are invaluable insights for driving your operational efficiency, effectiveness and safety. They’re hard to extract, but they’re there. REACH Analytics is here to help you dig them out.

At SkyNet Aviation, we’re the world leaders for integrating data feeds from every system in aviation operations. However you operate, we can bring it all together: everything from spreadsheets manually filled out by staff to legacy systems to multi-gigabyte avionics downloads to engineering diagnostic codes.

We gather, collate, sanitise and refine this raw data – not just into information you can refer to, but into insights you can apply immediately.

reach analytics

REACH Analytics lets you answer difficult questions in easy ways

Presentation of data

Data blind in a hazy sky

In any aviation company, managers are relied on to make the right judgment calls on operations, contracts and cash flow. So, are your managers working from the best information possible? Well, if you don’t have real-world, real-time analytics, they simply aren’t able to.

Business analytics for aviation operations is nothing new. It is, however, difficult. Until now, generating analytics reports has taken a prohibitive level of dedication, time and effort. Further, the insights generated are only as good as the accuracy and recency of the data being input fed. This data is often full of best estimates, typos and rounding errors.

It is a fundamental mathematical truth, statistical analysis involving multiple factors compounds and enlarges any margins of error present in the source data used. This is why the accuracy of input is critical. You need to tap into the data at the “source of truth”. 

“When customers adopt auto-logging - a standard business analytics implementation - rounding errors vanish from their flight time records. Immediately, they see incremental accuracy improvements that, multiplied across hundreds of aircraft movements, add up to thousands of dollars saved.”

- Jon Davis, SkyNet Aviation CEO

Real-time and real-world operational insight

At SkyNet, our unique integration experience means we gather your input in real time. By tapping directly into the raw live “bits and bytes” generated by your aircraft, equipment and digital systems, we bypass the human factor entirely.

As well as providing powerful insights to decision-makers, business analytics can also improve on-time performance (OTP) and schedule reliability through insights into route performance and a fleet’s real-world capabilities.

Going beyond the technical side of the business, REACH Analytics can even make all departmental data feeds interactive – crucially including planning, HR, finance and legal.


What REACH Analytics offers you

Cut across the silos

Derive insights from a high-resolution 360-degree view of your operations by cutting across any departmental silos to intercept and work from the raw data

Integrated reporting

Secure a “single source of truth” by pulling relevant data from anywhere in your systems, including network drives, cloud accounts, email inboxes, file directories and different user accounts

Simplified analytics

Because REACH Analytics is deeply configurable, we can implement almost any statistical tool you need to crunch down thousands of data points into accurate, clear and powerful metrics

Empowered management

Through giving the best possible picture of how your organisation is functioning, REACH Analytics gives your managers the confidence to make better decisions faster

Constantly improving accuracy

Your business is a dynamic system, so when REACH Analytics insights are applied, your business will react, shift and change. This is why our analytical approaches continually adapt to stay maximally relevant

Bringing everyone on board

REACH Analytics can generate tailored reports that are useful, interesting or relevant to line staff, regulators, suppliers, investors and even the public

Business and operational analytics - real-time, real-world, real results.

Find out how you can reap the rewards of the REACH Analytics revolution.