Aeromedical & HEMS

Advance warning and proximity alerts for mistaken, unscheduled or emergency incoming aircraft. AI interprets landing intentions to give your ground crew a few crucial minutes - or hours - to respond.

what can LASAW do for your aeromedical operation?

LASAW is designed to offer the highest level of pre-arrival and early warning detection when aircraft make unexpected approaches to landing zones or helipads – on the ground, on a rooftop.

Notifying hospital staff or standby firefighters of arrivals minutes away can be vital for the efficient transfer of patients. No one should be surprised by the early arrival of aircraft with patients on board with LASAW Through its unique AI capability to predict inflight behaviour, LASAW can detect aircraft that exhibit the characteristics of preparing to land…  


Observing and modeling aircraft behaviour in real-time to proactively predict landing events

In the airspace around busy Hospitals in capital cities or close to major airports the landing zone may always be changing and developing. How can a system provide warnings about events that emerge dynamically in a changing environment? Answer: Through a thorough understanding of the overall airspace and the known and variable factors within it. From this, we built an AI model of the variables. This, in essence, is what LASAW does for monitoring and predicting air traffic around a specific landing zone.

LASAW Arrival Alerts can be sent to Medical and other staff by our Smartphone App designed to display and receive audio advisories of approaching and detected aircraft. Additional alerts can be sent via SMS and e-mail to wider field staff as required. LASAW’s primary focus is keeping everyone informed of all aircraft arrivals regardless if they are expected or not. Always ensuring medical staff have the maximum advanced alert notification possible. Monitored LASAW displays can also provide long-range information of arriving aircraft from the time of departure with reliable ETA’s to the hospital.

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Helipad occupied? How do you know it is available? Has an earlier flight departed? Delays caused by Helipad capacity are increasingly familiar with multiple critical patients en route.

Busy airspace, multiple inbound aircraft with trauma patients may arrive to find an aircraft currently occupies a landing zone or is late for departure. These precious delayed minutes can create heightened anxiety for dispatch teams identifying alternative landing sites or adjacent hospitals which may not be prepared for the alternative arrival. LASAW Helipad Landing Capacity Alert provides an on-screen indicator of a currently occupied Helipad; for multi-aircraft landing zones, a capacity indicator shows how many aircraft are on the ground and how many additional aircraft can be accommodated.  LASAW vastly improves your Landing site intelligence regardless of which operator is arriving.

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Surveillance for wrong HELIPAD landing awareness

Proactive detection backed by customised automated alerts and escalation protocols, everything from discrete text messages to firefighting system deployment

Helicopters touch down on helipads unexpectedly or in error far more often than the industry likes to admit. And the “near misses”, where helicopters approach the wrong landing zone but divert at the last moment, are even more common and dangerous. Addressing this industry open secret is one of the original purposes triggering the development of the LASAW concept.

Some locations have multiple landing sites and in bad weather may be misidentified as to the correct location. LASAW can provide ground staff with fast and early notification to alert pilots of any potential conflicts or wrong landing zone.

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LASAW capabilities

Surveillance and alerting for all landing zones protecting ground people, aircraft and assets


“As a rig or land-based safety system, LASAW means ground staff are proactively alerted when there is an aircraft arriving – even if it is not in communication with anyone on the ground.”

- Jon Davis, SkyNet Aviation CEO

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Keeping your equipment, people and landing zones safe.