A world-first innovation for integrating aircraft tracking & positioning technologies

Only SkyNet brings multi-source data together into a unified and uniquely powerful aircraft tracking solution.


Integrating the three leading sources of aircraft positioning into one data stream




dynamic fusion data

Aviation traffic tracked by SkyNet’s ADS-B network

dynamic fusion data

The power of three:
tri-hybrid data coverage

Where are your aviation assets this very moment? Do you know? Are you able to even find out? Is how they report position, speed and flight status effective in terms of operational utility and overall cost?

These are fundamental questions, but resolving them comprehensively has been beyond most mid-tier aircraft fleets … until now, through SkyNet Aviation’s data fusion services.

As a leading specialist in developing industry-led technology and solutions, SkyNet Aviation has perfected the art and science of forging tracking, avionics and flight-status data from all sources into a unified and coherent “source of truth”.

Essentially, the solution is about integrating multiple feeds to correlate, cross-reference and affirm the signals into a hybrid signal that is more reliable, consistent, accurate and useful than what you’d get from relying on just one.

Delivering this capability to clients as early as 2015, SkyNet Aviation was the world’s first provider of tri-hybrid commercial flight-tracking data. Today, we remain the only provider offering mid-size fleets the capacity to bring together ADS-B, satellite and cellular reporting into one integrated data feed of aircraft positioning and flight status.

A live view of fleet movements

Through the redundancy of three different communications technologies, your flight tracking will reach further with more accuracy and reliability.

When there’s interference or lack of coverage on one channel, the tri-hybrid model adapts to leverage the other two to take over.

dynamic fusion data

“We know flight data fusion: we invented it.”

- Jon Davis, Skynet Aviation CEO

dynamic fusion data


To provide a truly “transparent” single pane of glass view on your operations, you need to know where your aircraft are and what they are doing at any moment. Our tri-hybrid solution does just that by leveraging the benefits of ADS-B, satellite and cellular positioning to offset the limitations of each.

Each of the different technologies best suits a different application. When ADS-B handles the heavy lifting of flight tracking on reporting intervals of as little as 1 second, your satellite and cellular channels can be reserved for voice comms, non-continuous data transmissions and back-up channels.

Tri-hybrid data means your tracking/positioning adapts automatically to choose the most operationally effective and cost-effective channels for your data transmission needs.

Only SkyNet Aviation can unify ADS-B, satellite and cellular data into a single aircraft positioning stream that can be fed directly into a live operational overview that’s powered by industry-leading specialist applications.

Accessing a tri-hybrid data solution for aircraft tracking is easier and faster than you may expect. Contact a SkyNet Aviation expert today to start getting the answers you need.