REACH Across Your Entire Operation

Effective and efficient aircraft fleet management boils down to making the right decisions, at the right time using the right information.
REACH Aero® Day Of Operations provides unbeatable efficiency.

day of operations

When you’re truly in command of your operations, things run smoother, KPIs are reached sooner, emergent issues don’t get out of control and staff morale improves. Having the right information available to support the decision making that leads to this ideal state, that’s the key.

This is where  SkyNet REACH® Day of Operations comes in.

day of operations

Delivering live decision support capability

The world’s only holistic enterprise-grade operations solution developed for mid-size aircraft fleets, REACH Day Of operations gives you the clearest, most comprehensive and most integrated picture of present flight, business, staffing, compliance and engineering conditions.

REACH Day Of Operations works by networking live data to industry-leading specialist applications and then cross-referencing the outputs against to-the-second aircraft tracking. Further, it even helps you predict the consequences of various responses to an issue by testing the system’s inputs and then modelling the outcomes.

REACH® Modules

There are 8 major aspects of aviation operations under the REACH® Aero Day Of Operations umbrella:

Flight Monitoring

See where all your aircraft are at all times. With position reporting resolution as low as 1 second, REACH Aero flight monitoring is no longer a single source. Instead, it fuses data from ADS-B, MLAT, satellite, cellular and other sources so you can see precisely where every aircraft in your fleet is at any moment. Further, all this flight-following data is captured for later use in powerful business analytics insights.

Flight Scheduling, Crewing and Rostering

SkyNet REACH can supply data to and incorporate feeds from most scheduling, crewing and rostering systems, including the industry leaders. It also maintains an IATA Data Exchange Platform API (AIDX) to allow deeper cross-application data sharing. With Skynet REACH Scheduling Manager, you have a choice of automated or manual scheduling with Auto Tactical Scheduling linked to ATC Flight Plan information.

Flight Dispatch

A flight dispatcher assists in planning flights, taking into account all factors around aircraft performance, cargo, weather forecasts, airspace laws and airport conditions. Powerful applications linked to Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) offer instant routing advice and messaging for the crew. Simply, flight route optimisation is an invaluable tool for saving fuel and other costs.

Critical Weather

Ever-changing, never 100-per cent predictable and always a factor, every fleet operations manager is constantly watchful for what the flying conditions mean for schedules, costs and safety. Through integrating, incorporating and overlaying observations and forecasts from the world’s foremost aviation weather services, REACH Aero Day Of Operations makes maintaining a “weather eye” easier than ever before.

Fleet Management Business Analytics

Unlock powerful insights into the cost centres and profit levers that truly underlie your fleet. Live analytics and meaningful statistical reports on operational reliability, availability of equipment and consumption of resources.

On-Time Performance (OTP) & Turn Around Reporting (TAR)

REACH gives you a rich overview of the live events developing across your fleet and helps you eliminate or reduce the time it takes to rectify issues. Understanding the activities and systemic problems in your On-Time Performance (OTP) and Turn Around Reporting (TAR) is crucial for schedule recovery. Post-flight historical data includes data-driven insights into both. This analysis will give you actionable insights into where you can improve.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

A system that automatically monitors, stores and reports on the interlocking status of your fleet, processes, systems and crewing considerations. No longer are FIDS displays a passenger terminal general board; these are now highly focused internal systems, including real-time integrated OTP and more. FIDS starts working even before the flight departure and is always ready to display the pushback and departure as well as updating en route status. Operational FIDS is a powerful real-time data management system that generates a tactical and tailored data stream to each team and department involved in getting an aircraft turned around and back in the air.

Engineering Planning Support

Aircraft are complex machines. Maximising their performance, availability, reliability and safety means anticipating, accommodating and analysing the engineering support needs of every aircraft in the fleet - especially as they evolve and change according to where the aircraft is, where it’s scheduled to fly and when it will be there. Each maintenance and repair organisation (MRO) application needs to convey the status of each aircraft and also keep track of critical hours and cycle consumption. REACH Aero Day Of Operations lets you integrate and coordinate aircraft movements with the engineering support application all at the same time while keeping your MRO platform up to date in real-time.

“Once you start using it, you won’t know how you lived without it.”

- Jon Davis, Skynet Aviation CEO

day of operations


Top-down and end to end

For years, operations managers have had to sift out the meaningful data in all the reports they see from all the systems they monitor. Now, instead of giving operations managers data to make sense of, REACH Aero Day of Operations presents them with the information they can simply use.

And because it is a smart system that enables the transfer of data amongst all your current platforms, it improves automation, optics and analytics.

No more manual entries. No more reporting wait times. No more double handling. The equation is simple:

improved intel = better decisions = improved efficiency = lower costs

All you need to do is adopt the system, enable the integrations and complete a simple training program. You’ll soon be making the right decisions and seeing your KPIs pointing in the right direction.


Business Intelligence

The REACH Business Analytics module makes your data proactive. Through statistical insights and modelling your data is transformed into an advanced strategic management tool.

The module lets you detect and identify the positive and negative operational dynamics at play in your organisation that are otherwise obscured by the day-to-day task load of simply keeping your fleet in the air safely and profitably.

You can finally reveal the true cause and effect of your profit centres, time delays and bottlenecks, and then track the data trail from its source right through to all downstream effects.

day of operations
day of operations


Data Warehousing

Modern aviation generates a near limitless amount of data. Gigabytes upon gigabytes flow from the aircraft, associated support software, flight operations platforms and the management systems that power the aviation organisation itself. Effectively and efficiently capturing it all and then bringing it together in one accessible, coherent and secure repository is a specialist IT task.

Doing just this, via SkyNet Data Warehousing, is an integral back-end function that powers REACH Day Of Operations. This valuable resource is also now available to REACH users. You can see every digital facet of your operations and be assured everything is tracked, captured and stored securely in an easily accessible form.