Tailoring ADS-B just for your needs … easier and more powerful than you’d expect

ADS-B is the solution of choice for low-cost, real-time, extreme-location flight tracking. Australia, SkyNet Aviation®’s home country, isn’t alone in its rollout of ADS-B mandates and – like many parts of Canada, Africa, Russia and beyond – much of the landmass is remote, hostile and lacking infrastructure. Gap-free conventional ADS-B coverage will never materialise in these places through simple general …

SkyNet’s dedication to bringing clients up to speed

Software training is a crucial piece of the software implementation puzzle. Here at Skynet Aviation®, we understand the benefits of effective software training. So we want to pass a little of that understanding onto you.  Why software training is so important Great software is user-friendly and intuitive, but these characteristics don’t negate the need for software training. A platform may …

Drilling deep into data with XDI

Project name: Babcock MCS Oil Drilling project
Task: Integrate tracking data between between ships and helicopters operating between the coast and a helipad of a moving ship
Build time: 14 days
Outcome: Fully commissioned and in service since early 2019