REACH® Aero Ecosystem
Unifying Your Systems In Real-Time

Introducing REACH ® Aero Day Of Operations - a powerful, holistic and flexible ecosystem of integrated aviation solutions. A revolutionary and cost-effective way your mid-size fleet can acquire the operational tools and capacities of a major airline

World-first aviation ecosystem for mid-tier operators: how it works

aviation ecosystem

Poor systems limit operations and constrain growth

As a mid-tier aviation company, you depend entirely on a unique mix of software, systems and admin routines that keep your aircraft the skies safely and cost-effectively. Adopted reactively over time, this mix-and-match of systems and processes means no-one else operates quite like you do.

And, until now, this assemblage of systems has worked well enough, but as you seek to grow it will become a significant barrier. It seems there’s no way to overcome it without spending millions. Yes, there are excellent products out there to solve individual parts of the operational puzzle in isolation, but the all-encompassing flight ops solutions that have been available until now only make economic sense for fleets that are 10 times – or 100 times – the size of yours.

The result?

You’re stranded in the middle, with significant opportunities and improvements just out of reach. The conflicts and compromises of your ad hoc systems prevent you from stepping up on safety, capacity or scale when clients demand it or market conditions require it.

Do you rely on manual entry that’s time consuming and error-prone?

Do you have systems that don’t talk to each other causing double-handling and excess paperwork?

Do your processes cause knock-on delays in engineering, admin and accounts?

Is your operational capacity hindered by limited coordination between base and field assets?

Is reducing aircraft downtime a puzzling and stubborn issue?

Does your difficulty in tracking metrics and generating reports conceal systemic inefficiencies?

If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to any of these, then you’re carrying unnecessary costs and risks. It means you probably can’t complete today’s missions with optimal efficiency and you certainly can’t pursue tomorrow’s opportunities with incisive effectiveness.

This is where SkyNet Aviation comes in. Our REACH® Aero Day Of Operations ecosystem has been built specifically to resolve all of those questions all at once.

A solution that makes your ops systems work together

The problems of efficiency, effectiveness and growth for mid-tier fleet operations are persistent, difficult and frustrating. That’s why we’ve spent 20 years working on solving them. And with the REACH Aero Day Of Operations ecosystem, we have finally been able to bring all our solutions together into one answer.

Our REACH Aero Day Of Operations is something revolutionary: an interlocking data ecosystem that integrates your current systems with best-in-breed partner solutions and live aircraft tracking. It covers every aspect of efficiently, safely and effectively operating a fleet of 5 to 50  aircraft. And does it in real-time.

Through its flexibility, scalability and customisability, REACH Aero Day Of Operations removes the pain points of introducing new operation management technologies.

Able to quickly integrate and boost the efficiency of your current systems and processes, the ecosystem also offers in-built partnerships with the industry-leading specialist applications on:


Crewing / Roster


P&L Reservation

Weather Services


What industry leaders are saying

“The SkyNet system gives them [RFDS Duty Tasking Officers] a whole new set of tools to be able to reduce delays we may have previously experienced in our tasking system. Most of the senior team have the mobile app on their phone so we can get on our mobile any time day or night and see where any of our aircraft are and when they will arrive. This gives everyone better situational awareness right when they need it.”

- Andrew Barron - Chief Operating Officer, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section)

“With such an intense focus on safety within our organisation, this [SkyNet Aviation solution] offered significant safety benefit and that’s what really sold this solution for me.”

- Andrew Cridland, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director Corporate - Babcock Australia & New Zealand

“SkyNet Aviation is a fully integrated aviation data software solution that has revolutionised the way aviation business communicates and operates on a global scale.”

- Technology partner: Flightcell


Track record of breakthroughs and proven success

Tracing its roots back to 2001 and the world’s first civilian satellite-based aircraft tracking solution, REACH Aero Day Of Operations has matured and broadened into a true aviation game-changer. The developer, SkyNet Aviation, is now recognised in the industry for developing strikingly advanced solutions.

For 20 years, we’ve been developing ground-breaking products to improve aviation effectiveness, efficiency, safety and ROI. Today, we are the world’s only technology solutions developer that specialises in a holistic integration of all systems that underpin fleet operations for the mid-tier aviation market.

aviation ecosystem
aviation ecosystem

Accessing the aviation ops answers

The REACH Aero Day Of Operations ecosystem gives you a truly revolutionary technology solution for unlocking hyper-efficiency through:

  • uplifting your systems
  • enabling real-time feedback
  • capturing reporting loops
  • integrating cross communications.

It can quickly be configured to do all this in the way that suits your needs, your aircraft, your workforce, your contracts and the missions and routes you fly.

If you’ve tried to achieve this before you know how difficult it is, yet SkyNet has cracked it. We offer a solution that’s tried, tested and already relied on in the real world.

If flight incidents or shifts in your market are pushing you to increase efficiency and improve risk management, REACH Aero Day Of Operations offers the scale, monitoring, reporting and flexibility you need to exceed your current constraints.
If your operations are straining at the limits of what spreadsheets and legacy systems can do, REACH Aero Day Of Operations gives you similar operational power as enjoyed by large airlines, but without the large costs or changeover difficulties.   


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