Rely on DTN weather integrated with REACH Day Of Operations

SkyNet Aviation is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with DTN to integrate its world-leading aviation weather data directly into the REACH® Aero Day of Operations platform.

Holding the rank of being the world’s most accurate weather provider for the past 10 years, DTN is trusted by the world’s leading aviation companies to keep their operations on track. And now DTN’s weather observation weather overlays and forecasts are available as an integration directly in SkyNet Aviation’s system.

On the SkyNet side, achieving the integration was managed by CEO Jon Davis and senior REACH engineers. Supported by their development team, they worked alongside DTN’s Dale Raymakers, John Thivierge and Benoit Hurtel to formulate how the integration and implementation of the combined solution could be pulled off.

Integration between industry leaders achieved

Overseeing the project at DTN was Mike Eilts, Senior Vice-President – Weather. He says DTN is always interested in providing global weather data and analytics for aviation industry-leading solutions – “and SkyNet clearly offers one of those.”

Meanwhile SkyNet’s Jon Davis says that, as the first integration in the new “ecosystem” concept for REACH Aero Day Of Operations, the DTN integration alliance is already boosting the usefulness of the flight operations platform.

“We’re proud to say we can connect with DTN, integrate their data and manipulate it to provide new layers and services,” Davis says.

Within SkyNet’s new DTN-powered weather module, users will be able to choose which weather information they add over their live tactical view of flights. All the information will be available within the platform itself, as well as through an independent DTN weather portal that SkyNet REACH users can access.

Weather doesn’t have to be a wildcard

Davis says that accurate live information about flying conditions is a crucial competitive advantage for aviation businesses.

Operations managers constantly monitor the flying conditions to gauge what wind, cloud, dust, snow, volcanic ash and barometric pressures might mean for their schedules, costs and safety.

“You must know exactly what conditions your aircraft will encounter at any given moment. It helps you plan routes, mitigate risk and delays. And DTN is an undisputed world leader in aviation weather data and analytics,” Davis says.

A flexible flight operations solution that scales with your growth

Under its “ecosystem” concept, SkyNet Aviation has been pre-building integrations with leading specialist apps and data sources for the crucial aspects of flight operations that REACH covers.

Weather is, of course, one of the most important and, as such, DTN was the first data provider to be approached for a REACH Ecosystem integration. That integration has now been achieved.

The “ecosystem” concept itself is based around a simple insight: the cost hurdle of adopting something like Amadeus or Sabre is too high for smaller operators that have reached the limits of their current systems.

However, via a flexible and customisable ecosystem of pre-built app integrations available via REACH Day Of Operations, this hurdle has been transformed into a step up.

As a fully enterprise-grade flight operations and business management solution, REACH Day Of Operations is customisable enough, flexible enough and scalable enough to make economic sense whether you have 5 planes or 500.

To find out more about REACH Day Of Operations, click here.

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