RotorTech – SkyNet Aviation has successfully wrapped up its attendance at RotorTech 2021

SkyNet Aviation has successfully wrapped up its attendance at ROTORTECH 2021.

As the peak industry event and tradeshow for helicopter and drone operators across Australia and New Zealand, the event attracted a strong attendance. And SkyNet Aviation was proud to wow delegates through showcasing both its REACH Day Of Operations and LASAW products.

Running from 15 to 17 June in Brisbane, Australia, the event brought together over 1000 industry insiders to walk the halls and visit nearly 100 separate stands. SkyNet Aviation CEO Jon Davis says the company’s booth had excellent conversations with the delegates.

Because SkyNet Aviation has been inventing and developing leading solutions since 2001, it has decades of experience in delivering industry-changing operational data solutions for major clients.

SkyNet Aviation at RotorTech 2021
SkyNet Aviation at RotorTech 2021

This expertise has crystallised into two key offerings. The first is the REACH Aero Day Of operations ecosystem, which fuses all data related to operating a commercial aviation business into one solution. The second is REACH LASAW, an ingenious landing approach monitoring and alerting system offering unique new levels of safety.

While SkyNet Aviation knew the Day Of Operations solution would garner interest from established helicopter fleet operators, the big surprise was the curiosity commercial drone operators had about LASAW. This kind of interest from this quarter might even guide aspects of LASAW’s development in future.

As well as direct questions about the capabilities of both REACH Day Of Operations and LASAW, the SkyNet Aviation booth also fielded scores of questions about the company’s proven ability to roll out ADS-B receiver emplacements in remote areas. Notably, SkyNet Aviation has done this in Australia and Papua New Guinea by building the largest commercial ADS-B networks in both countries.

Indeed, in many of the areas these networks cover, SkyNet Aviation’s ADS-B receivers are the only on-the-ground communications infrastructure of any kind.

With ROTORTECH now concluded and the exhibitors and delegates returning home, Davis says the event was a great success.

“We started at least 50 promising conversations with potential clients and development partners,” Davis says.
“That’s part of the benefit of seeing so many people face to face, you get a chance to take the pulse of the industry and hear the buzz … and be part of the buzz too.”

You can see more about our time at RotorTech on our LinkedIn, and if you want to learn more about what we do head to these pages for LASAW, and REACH Aero.

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